The Lesser Of Two Evils

It’s hard to decide which is worse: bluespamming, or using bluespamming as a jumping-off point for mobile virus FUD. It doesn’t sound like either side is completely right. On one side, you’ve got the most obnoxious mobile anti-virus firm raising yet another seemingly pointless red flag; on the other, the advertising company behind the campaign saying it would be difficult for a virus writer to spoof the campaign, something that doesn’t seem accurate, either. In addition to the spam-like, interruptive nature of the ads, this virus FUD presents another problem: the best way to prevent getting a Bluetooth virus is to not accept unsolicited connections, and not accept unknown messages, particularly if they’re carrying a file. This problem and the inevitable “I thought I was getting a Backstreet Boys wallpaper and instead I got a virus” stories that will come out may put a stop to bluespam as a marketing medium before it even really gets started.

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