Apple Shrugging Off The Osborne Effect?

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There was plenty of speculation that Apple had pulled an Osborne when it announced it was switching to Intel chips last month, with worries the company had put people off from buying Macs by revealing its plans for new models so far in advance. But today, people are wondering if Apple is benefiting from the “halo effect” — people that have iPods becoming Mac buyers — instead, as reports say Apple passed Lenovo as the number-four PC maker in the US in the second quarter. Apple’s computer sales grew 33% from last year, compared to just 12% growth for the entire PC market. Keep in mind, though that the Intel announcement came with just 3 weeks left in the second quarter. Figures for the current third quarter should provide a clearer picture of what’s really happening.

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Comments on “Apple Shrugging Off The Osborne Effect?”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: No Osborne Effect

Ah, but as you’ll note in the comments to that post (and elsewhere on the net — see, we do do our research) others disputed the idea that the Osborne Effect was a myth. In fact, many have pointed out problems with the claims that it wasn’t true.

Of course, whether or not the story is true, DOESN’T ACTUALLY MATTER. The name “the Osborne Effect” has a common usage meaning, and that’s what we were referring to.

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