What To Do When Your Kid Sells All Your Belongings Online

from the whoops dept

It’s amazing what some kids will do with (and for) an internet connection. Apparently, one 11-year-old in China so liked his internet connection (and wanted money to support it) that he used that same internet connection to sell all his family’s belongings at an amazingly cut rate price. $60,000 worth of appliances, furniture and other belongings all went for a grand total of $242. Apparently, not everything was sold because the link above has some photos of a very messy house with the leftovers, that appears to include some broken glass and lots of junk (clothing, some furniture). Still, it’s not entirely clear how the kid managed to get all the stuff out of the house without his parents noticing. Also, the short blurb claims that the kid spent the $242 in an internet cafe over a period of 20 days — which would imply that the parents didn’t realize their kid had sold off all their belongings for nearly three weeks. It would seem like a few more details would be helpful to explain what really happened here.

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