Big Brother Gets A Blimp

from the well,-how-else-would-he-travel? dept

The blimp is commonly associated with sporting events, as the sponsored floating vehicle often gives the TV audience sky high shots of a sporting venue. However, it appears that some government officials believe that blimps may be the next crime fighting tool. Apparently, American officials are in Trinidad & Tobago to carry out tests of a $40 million crime fighting blimp that can supposedly listen in on mobile phone calls. It’s not at all clear how this would actually work. Also, the report claims that security has been tightened on the blimp after someone tried to take a photo of it. Of course… it’s a blimp. Doesn’t it seem likely that people will be able to see it from quite some distance? In fact, another article on the subject (which claims such blimps are in more common usage around the world already) includes a photo of the blimp as well. It looks like pretty standard blimp. It seems like whatever governments are using such blimps would actually have a much better chance of making it less noticeable by slapping a Goodyear or a MetLife logo on the side.

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Comments on “Big Brother Gets A Blimp”

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dorpus says:

Provocative Blimps

There was a Good Year blimp over Detroit last week that seemed to be making provocative maneuvers on purpose — doing wheelies, wobbling, making steep dives. It sure got my attention.

I have seen free-flying blimps over the Mexican border used by the border patrol, though. When I get out of school and get a real job again, I might buy a RC blimp, the 8-foot model, for a few thou.

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