Marketing Via Bluespam

Marketers have been trying to figure out how to harness Bluetooth and Infrared to send out their messages to mobile phones for some time, with what few successes there have been undone by the same cluelessness that’s plagued Internet marketing. One way that seems to work has been using Bluetooth- or Infrared-enabled posters to distribute content, something that’s been done in Europe and has now landed on US shores, with some movie theaters in a few cities using Bluetooth to distribute mobile content. A big problem with these systems, particularly with Bluetooth, is figuring out how not to spam people that aren’t interested in the message — while the company behind the movie promotion says users have to confirm their acceptance of the downloads, users that aren’t interested will likely view the interruption as an unwanted intrusion. And given all the hype surrounding bluejacking, bluesnarfing and Bluetooth-traveling mobile viruses, is sending Bluetooth messages to peoples’ phones without warning the best idea?

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