Company That Repeatedly Misled About FDA Approval, To Chip Tommy Thompson

from the good-luck-there dept

We’ve been following the claims of Applied Digital and their VeriChip operation for quite some time — and the company and its offerings have always seemed quite questionable, despite plenty of hype. The company lied about FDA approval more than once. After all that, even if they did eventually receive FDA approval to chip people for medical info, the whole organization seems a bit sketchy. On the business side, this is a company that has had a lot of problems. The company didn’t always file its tax returns on time, and later sued IBM who was a creditor after Applied Digital failed to make required payments on a loan. Yes, that’s right — they stiffed IBM and then sued them when IBM moved to collect on the collateral. Is this the type of company you want sticking RFID chips in your arm? Apparently the answer is yes for former Health & Human Services Secretary Tommy Thompson who agreed to get chipped as part of a marketing effort after joining the company’s board. It makes you wonder if Thompson knows about this company’s history. Either way, it doesn’t seem like the sort of company a former Health & Human Services Secretary should be backing.

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