London Bombings As Depicted By Google Earth

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As much of the world was shaken yesterday morning by news of the terrorist attacks in London, the Internet took center stage in the dissemenation of news and information for many concerned global citizens. Though the BBC site was overwhelmed, reports soon started flowing in through blogs, Flickr, and Wikipedia. Citizen journalists were first to the scene with their camera phones. Poynter Online noticed that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation News put together a very compelling use for Google Earth — they compiled a geographical timeline of the major events that transpired with yesterday’s bombings. Seeing where the bombings took place really ground the terrorist act — suddenly, events that transpired halfway around the world don’t seem so far away anymore. But, not only can you see where the bombings took place, you can also click on each spot and see details, and see and hear eyewitness accounts — it’s a much more explorative way of consuming the news, and much more engaging. Finally, news organizations are starting wake up from the monotony of the 30 second news bit.

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Comments on “London Bombings As Depicted By Google Earth”

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ZIgZag (user link) says:

waking up

The truth is hard to hide now that citizen jounralists are sprouting up in droves to give the people a first hand look at what’s really happening. I’m sure the current mega-media-mongrels are trying to rope it all together to form some lude reality tv show that will have people traveling the world trying to be the first bloggers to be on the scene.

Hrmph…let’s hope the bloggers will win.

dorpus says:

Re: French Connection

The French got upset that they didn’t get the Olympics, so they bombed London and made it look like the ragheads did it. What did Putin and Chirac really talk about at their recent conference, anyway? Asides from bashing Britain, both men have a strong itnerest in sabotaging Anglo-American dominance, and both men have been willing to stoop pretty low to that end. Is Al Qaeda really a French organization?

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