Welcome To Intel Cinemas

from the hot-drm-on-that-popcorn-sir? dept

Intel has banded together with well-known technologist Morgan Freeman (hey, he was the tech guy in Batman Begins) to form a new movie-download venture, ClickStar, because, you know, the movie download business is just booming. But what makes Intel think it can succeed where others haven’t is that it plans to release movies for download before they’re available on DVD, because, you know, you can’t already do that on pay-per-view without having to hook your PC up to your TV, and it sounds like movie studios — the most progressive of businesses — will be really receptive to anything that could cut into their DVD sales revenues. But the most laughable claim comes from the company’s CEO, who says ClickStar’s motto is “Anytime, anyplace, on any device.” Presuming that device has an Intel chip. And supports Windows Media DRM. And you’re in the right part of the world. But hey, did you see Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman there?

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