Would The EU Parliament Reject Software Patents?

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Considering the amazing effort made to push through software patents in Europe, despite how so many politicians change their positions after realizing how problematic software patents really are, it would be quite a surprise if the EU Parliament actually does vote the proposal down. However, there are new reports suggesting that politicians may be realizing just how troublesome the plan is. Of course, seeing how those who support the proposal have been able to ram it through, despite plenty of opposition, it’s likely that some last minute horse trading may make sure that software patents do make it to the EU. Hopefully we’re wrong. Of course, if the EU does reject software patents, the real loser will be the US software industry, who will be held back by needing to deal with pointless lawsuits over ideas that clearly don’t deserve protection. It will open up more ability for European developers to innovate by building on the ideas of others, while holding back US developers.

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