Electric Underpants Used To Fake Heart Attack

from the do-scammers-dream-of-electric-heart-attacks? dept

It’s amazing the lengths some scammers will go through to fake injuries from various companies. Along the lines of the woman who planted a severed finger in her bowl of chili, comes this story of a guy who sued the maker of an iron, claiming it was wrongly wired to give him a heart attack. While it appears that the man most likely rewired the iron himself, he also put an electronic device in his underwear to trick hospital equipment into suggesting he had a heart attack. Of course, now that all of this has been worked out, the guy is in a bit more trouble than if he had just had a heart attack from a faulty iron. You’d think, with the lengths people go to in order to scam the system, that perhaps they’d just be better off putting that same effort into legitimate work.

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