Google Won Click Fraud Suit, Didn't Bother To Tell Anyone

from the oddly-quiet dept

Considering the various lawsuits against Google for not taking click fraud seriously enough, you would think that they would be out trumpeting any legal wins they’ve had over those accused of click fraud. So it’s a bit odd, as pointed out by Threadwatch, that Google hasn’t really made a big deal over winning a legal judgment in a clickfraud case back in May. This was a case where a company hired people to spend time clicking on their own contextual ads in order to rake in the cash. You would expect that making this judgment more widely known would serve two purposes: first, it would show those advertisers who are angry about clickfraud that Google really is trying to do something (though, those advertisers may demand the money from the judgment for themselves) while also making those engaging in clickfraud think twice about continuing the practice.

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Comments on “Google Won Click Fraud Suit, Didn't Bother To Tell Anyone”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward (user link) says:

It will Continue

I run a small business and I’ve noticed many click thrus from google being from the same “questionable referrers” again and again. Although it may appear as only a fraction of total searches it is enough to justify a sizable future class-action lawsuite..that is…unless Google begins to identify these referrers and block them.
Google needs to perform two functions:

1. Continuous screening of referrers

2. Provide a way for advertisers to easily report and challenge click thrus

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