eBay And Live8 Just Don't Mix

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As if Bob Geldof didn’t already have enough reasons to hate eBay for letting people scalp tickets to the big event(s), now it turns out that people are selling bootleg DVDs of the show on eBay. Of course, you might think, given the purpose of the show (raising awareness of the problems of global poverty), that everyone would be thrilled if more people saw the show — especially if the bootlegs gave different views from different places. You would think that… except for the fact that EMI paid millions for the rights to the “official” DVD of the event. Hmm. Wasn’t the whole point Geldof was making in his tirade against eBay, that eBay was “profiteering on the backs of the impoverished?” Yet, it was just fine to sell the rights to the DVD to a company for millions?

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Comments on “eBay And Live8 Just Don't Mix”

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God says:

Re: Where did those millions go?

Ebay has thousands of pirated bootleg recordings they do nothing about,sellers with thousands of feedback that sell nothing but pirated goods.
Ebay pretends to do something when they are threatened by lawyers etc. but they really don’t do near enough to prevent it, they are making millions of dollars from piracy, so why would they, I could find thousands of pirated music items up for auction on Ebay right now, not a problem,I guarantee it.If Ebay was serious about it I am sure they could do the same thing.
The music industry needs to not only fight napster etc. but also fight Ebay, they are the biggest profitters from piracy

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