Germany May Be The First To Lift Yakking While Flying Bans

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While the debate rages on elsewhere concerning whether or not people should be allowed to use their mobile phones while flying, it looks like German travelers will be the first to find out how well it works. Germany may be the first country to lift the ban on using mobile phones in flight. Of course, the debate has shifted from technical issues (easily avoidable, it seems) to cultural and social issues over whether or not letting people talk on their mobile phones will piss off everyone around them. Of course, completely banning mobile phones on airplanes seems like overkill. If it’s creating social problems, then there should be other ways to deal with it, from creating “no phone” sections to simply applying social pressure to get people to avoid being rude in using phones.

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Comments on “Germany May Be The First To Lift Yakking While Flying Bans”

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1 Comment
Satish Bhardwaj (user link) says:

It was a mistake to lift the ban on cellphones whi

It was a mistake to remove the ban on cellphones while flying. People are very irresponsible. Their phones would be ringing loud and cler and disturbing everybody.

However the method of delivery of internet service should be redeveloped so that it would become server oriented. In other words servers would no longer be necessary to send documents to the clients and thed clients would only be capable of sending commands to the servers that would process the commands.

When this is done a cell phone could be used as a client instead of the Laptop or desktop personal Computer. If a server is used in this manner multitasking and nanotecchnology can be introduced and the idle processor time between the ticks would be eliminated. Presently the CPU remains idle between the ticks and slows down the internet service so that it is no faster than the speed conventional internet service.

The matter is discussed at

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