FTC Starting To See Through Hollywood's Anti-P2P Excuses

from the waking-up dept

Not that long ago, lawmakers were showing their misunderstanding of file sharing by blaming the delivery mechanism for their concerns with the content. The entertainment industry still does this today in its attacks on file sharing networks and related technologies like BitTorrent, but at least some government types are starting to catch on. Among the conclusions of a report issued by the FTC today: The risks associated with P2P file sharing (viruses, spyware, porn, etc.) also exist with pretty much any other internet-related activity. Moreover, P2P opponents have not adequately shown that the hazards of file sharing networks are any different than elsewhere on the internet. Perhaps now Hollywood will fall back on the argument that file sharing is ruining its business. Oh wait, the FTC report said that’s unclear too. Maybe the agency really is starting to get it.

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Comments on “FTC Starting To See Through Hollywood's Anti-P2P Excuses”

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johnsmith says:

Re: Re: It'd be nice

First off it is lame to compare a ‘living, breathing, human being’ to a corporation. And even worse to suggest that a person is ?incorporated? That doesn’t even make sense. The bottom line is no corporation or governing body can exercise control over the freedom of speech or the right to privacy which we are all entitled to (in the US). Moreover they want the WORLD to agree as well-lol

Dave Lame says:

Re: Re: It'd be nice

Well if corporations are like a “real person”, then they can only be like the kind of real person who’s only interest is in lining their own pockets, regardless of the effect of others. Yes, in that way they’re a kind of giant sociopath, stomping on anyone who gets in their way, while desperately trying to appear nice and normal.
Stomp, stomp, stomp….

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