Europeans Amazingly Not Interested In Less Capable XP For Same Old Price

from the didn't-see-that-coming dept

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: Microsoft won’t play along nicely with the EU’s antitrust remedies. Today’s story involves the release of a separate version of Windows XP sans Windows Media Player, aka Windows XP N — the N stands for Not With Media Player. The name is actually an improvement, as Microsoft originally named it Windows XP Reduced Media Edition (perhaps Windows XP Crummier Version didn’t do well in focus groups). The EU nixed the name realizing the effect it would have on sales, so what does Microsoft do? They price it exactly the same as the version that includes the media player. Now computer makers and distributors are refraining from offering the new version on computers and in stores. You mean, people won’t be clamoring for an XP bundle that costs the same as and contains fewer products than the original? Granted, Microsoft has a knack for tweaking regulators, but you’d think that EU bureaucrats would have at least figured this one out ahead of time.

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Comments on “Europeans Amazingly Not Interested In Less Capable XP For Same Old Price”

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Ivan Sick says:

I know it sounds crazy...

but I’d actually prefer my Windows with less “features.” If Windows was just Windows, and didn’t include Internet Explorer, Media Player, crappy color schemes, and all its various wizards, I’d actually be more inclined to buy it. Just the OS and utilities, please.
Some extraneous things in Windows I do use. Notepad, built-in CD burning capability…umm… well, that’s about it. For all that other crap (incl. some stuff in the control panel) there are better alternatives, and quite a few are free. I’d rather not have the default file associations, dependencies, and hard drive clutter. (Why is it I can’t delete the “Frontpage” folder, even though it’s empty?)

Ivan Sick says:

Re: as in: eXtreme Programming... Not

Nothing “extreme” or “programming” about it. I’d just like to choose what software I want to use, and not have a lot of junk in my OS. If I knew anything about programming (or if there was a good video editing app for it) I’d use Linux and shut up, which I freely admit.

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