McDonald's Continues To Test Random McTech Ideas

from the if-we-build-it,-maybe-they'll-buy-fries dept

In the last few years, it’s seemed like McDonald’s has been willing to try just about any random technology concept to get more people into their stores in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, they’ll buy some super-sized McFries(TM). Earlier this week, Wired News pointed out that the company was expanding their DVD vending machine plan that would let you rent DVDs at certain stores. This was the odd idea they started testing two and a half years ago and then announced again last year. It’s not at all clear why people want to rent their DVDs from McDonald’s — especially with its limited selection. The fast food chain has also been a big supporter of WiFi, though it’s unclear how well that’s been going lately. Of course, in this McTest mode, there are likely to be plenty of failures — such as their thoughts about replacing stores with a giant vending machine (no surly high school kids to deal with!) and a fancy network to connect all their restaurants. However, the latest move is to take a page from Starbucks and offer music download kiosks in their stores. This might make even less sense than the DVD rentals. Beyond the whole problem of managing in-store kiosks, why are people going to download music at a McDonald’s when they can just as easily do it at home? This is exactly the issue that Starbucks has faced — and at least Starbucks could make a weak claim to influencing people’s musical tastes.

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Comments on “McDonald's Continues To Test Random McTech Ideas”

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Aaron de Oliveira (profile) says:

Re: just burgers

there’s actually one of these DVD vending machines, called redbox, at my local mcdonalds. i was kinda taken a back by it at first as i don’t really equate fast food with my movie rentals. however, their ads on all the tables seems to at least partially clear up who their target market might be. the ad showed a bunch of kids in a minivan staring up at the dvd screen. so i guess after a game it mcdonalds for burgers, ice cream and dvds 🙂

i’m sure some exec. in mcdonalds is all hyped about this, but it doesn’t seem like the rest of the company is really paying attention to it. from what i saw the franchise owner in the store really wasn’t paying much attention to it. i also inspected the half installed machine. it seems to be franchised itself to someone other than the mcdonalds owner. i guess like those internet kiosks in malls. it doesn’t seem like mcdonald’s corp is dumping too much of their own money into this.

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