Apple Computer Contributes To Mobile Browser

Nokia, continuing its strategy of developing Symbian as a strong alternative to other (MSFT) OSes on phones, has collaborated with Apple Computer on the development of an open source web browser for mobile phones. The browser, for the Series 60 platform (Symbian with extensions), is based on the same WebCore and JavaScriptCore that is part of the Safari browser that Apple offers in Macs. With MSFT seemingly strategically focused on the growth are of mobile computing, Apple hasn’t made much noise since the Newton. Will the iPod morph into a mobile networked device before the existing mobile devices morph into music players? Either way, Apple has a lot of street cred that they could use in the mobile space – perhaps in partnership with a phone vendor. Beyond the Motorola iPod phone, Apple could participate in the UI, design, web, MP3, QuickTime video, and other aspects of a phone.

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