by Mike Masnick

Rent DVDs At McDonald's?

from the try-anything dept

McDonald's has clearly been struggling to remain relevant these days, and their latest move is to try offering DVD rentals via special kiosks in their restaurants. They're hoping that the DVD rentals will encourage people to come to McDonald's instead of going somewhere else that doesn't have those DVDs. Of course, this is an easily copied move by other fast food joints, so if it really works out for them, I doubt it'll be a competitive advantage very long. At the same time, McDonald's has apparently given up on a fancy network that would connect all their restaurants together. Now, I don't know much about that network and if it was a boondoggle project, but it sounds a lot more reasonable than DVD rental kiosks. The kiosks seem like short-term desperation while connecting restaurants sounds like long-term strategy.

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