Apple Is Serious About Going Intel, Analysts Prepare To Eat Their Words

from the halley's-comet-indeed... dept

A few weeks back we, along with just about everyone, trotted out the latest version of the old rumor that Apple was thinking of moving to Intel chips, and ditching IBM. Considering that this rumor shows up quite often, we didn’t put much faith in it, only posting it because the reports seemed a bit more credible. Of course, almost immediately there were denials, including Intel CEO Paul Otellini’s great “Halley’s Comet” quote. Well, it turns out that this time around, the rumors might be true. has the scoop that Apple will make the official announcement on Monday. We’ll still only believe it when we see the “Intel Inside” sticker on a Powerbook, but it certainly sounds like this time might be for real.

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Comments on “Apple Is Serious About Going Intel, Analysts Prepare To Eat Their Words”

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Rob O'Daniel (profile) says:

Apple Goes Intel

From a casual observer’s POV, I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t do ahead and make the leap to port their OS over to the 80×86 processor. There already seems to be more in common between the (hardware) platforms than remains different – from a user’s perspective.

It’d be interesting to see the Apple OS competing truly head-to-head (comparing apples to apples?) with Windows. I’ve nothing against WinXP at all, but I do think that this kind of competitive pressure would really prompt some creative future advancements from MS.

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