The High Price Of Data

As if this one was hard to predict… Mobile operators, desperate to increase ARPU are scaring off users by charging ridiculous fees for content. The latest example, as found by MocoNews is that 3 UK (who has an amazing knack for doing the wrong thing) is charging 75 p per minute to watch episodes of some TV show on phones. Remember, this is a technology where it’s not at all clear if people really want it, and ringing up a huge bill to watch a single show certainly isn’t going to encourage much usage at all. The best part, though, is the excuse given by 3’s spokesperson: “We don’t think people will watch for hours.” Ah, right, you’re just offering the shows for the hell of it then? I guess it’s not surprising from the company who once told its own customers they had to be nuts for wanting to surf the internet on their phones.

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