A La Carte TV Programming For Real?

from the believe-when-we-see-it dept

There’s been a lot of talk over the last few years about the concept of a la carte TV programming. While many people claim they want it, the industry shoots back that it would be even more expensive than the various channel bundles they offer today. Whether or not you believe that, a competitive market would suggest that at least someone would come along and try to offer it. Well, here it comes… maybe. Broadband Reports spots the quietly announced plan by a company called NetSat to offer a la carte TV programming via satellite — though, of course, there’s no hint about pricing… or the possible lineup of choices. Still, when you consider the idea that the concept of the “channel” is dying, this could make even less sense. People care less and less about “channels” than they do about specific shows. A really innovative system would be one that let people just subscribe to their favorite shows. There are a few offerings that let people do that online, but the TV industry isn’t particularly happy about those.

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