Dan Glickman's Next Strategy: Blame The Technology

from the brilliant dept

The Dan Glickman reign over the MPAA just gets sillier and sillier. Glickman started out by basically keeping Jack Valenti’s basic story with a few minor modifications. However, since then, he’s shown himself to not only have almost zero real vision for the movie industry, but to have a way with words that makes him sound particularly clueless about the industry he’s supposed to be representing. There was the initial plan that maybe if he begged hard enough people would stop sharing movies online. Then there was the oh-so-brilliant plan to make the MPAA a bit more like the IRS — perhaps the most hated organization in the US. So, rather than making the movie industry an industry people love and cherish, he wants to make them hated and feared. To continue on this trend, he’s now doing his best to make sure we realize how little he understands about technology. He’s making some news for blaming BitTorrent for the leak of the latest Star Wars film that we mentioned last week. Perhaps he should be blaming movie industry insiders more than a neutral technology used to distribute the film.

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