Movies Online Leaked By Hollywood Insiders

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For all the talk from the movie industry worried about kids trading movies online and lawsuits against DVD copying software companies, the movie industry might want to first spend some time cleaning out their own house. A new study points out that it isn't a bunch of kids at home who digitize these movies and put them online. It appears to mostly be movie industry insiders. Folks from the MPAA, of course, deny this - but it makes sense. The movies go online early, and not many "outsiders" have access to them.

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    dorpus, Sep 15th, 2003 @ 3:14am

    The Beta Distribution Model?

    Perhaps leaks are good for the industry, because select audiences will have early reactions, so the movie makers know what to expect in box office revenues.

    In the future, could we have a "living document" model of movies in which audiences come up with ideas for improving a given movie, so that upgrade patches are continuously downloaded? Then the "same" movie will be different each week. We could make many different versions of the "same" movie that appeals to different audiences, telling them what they want to hear. (Hollywood already does this to some degree.)


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    Anonymous Coward, Sep 15th, 2003 @ 7:17am

    Re: The Beta Distribution Model?

    I think this movie is all ready out ... It's called " MY LIFE SUCKING AT BILL'S TEATS " ... The Microsoft " feel good " " instant classic " movie of our generation.


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    Anonymous Coward, Sep 15th, 2003 @ 9:07am

    Re: The Beta Distribution Model?

    I'm not confident that a Living Document can work for movies. With software, any homie with a shell can implement a patch, but to alter one second of one scene in a movie - one that's not CG - requires a complete rehoot of the entire scene, which can take several takes. Add into the fact that people age visibly with time, unfortunately also becomine visibly injured or dying as well, occasionally, and suddenly the ability to reshoot a scene goes from Expensive to Impossible.

    This Living Document idea will be predicated on a completely CG method of movie creation, and the MPAA will not allow so many actors to be out of mandated work. I'm sure the commercials will come out, just like they must have been in the blacklisting era: "Are YOUR actors real? Don't use a computer to do the job of a human."


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    Anonymous Coward, Sep 15th, 2003 @ 9:51am

    Can't believe they've just figured this out!

    I mean, jees, everyone has seen the Two Towers film with the "For Cannes Film Festival Only" message on the bottom - and it's not from a video camera!

    Saw the Hulk the other day too - it was so good, it must have been done in-house.

    Plus some of the culprits are cinema projectionists.

    Gone are the days of the guy in the cinema with a camcorder and the rustle of popcorn and people's heads popping up.


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    AMetamorphosis, Sep 15th, 2003 @ 10:49am

    Inside Leaks

    I would have imagined that the vast majority of " leaks " come from insiders to begin with. I mean someone has to get a decent copy in order to share it. These lame stories about people sneaking into advance showings with a camcorder never really jived with me. Not only does the leaker get the notoriety ( if chosen ) but most likely is getting paid in some manner.


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    LittleW0lf, Sep 15th, 2003 @ 12:43pm

    No Subject Given

    Finally people are starting to wake up. How many times do I have to show up to the movie theater wearing a pirate costume before someone figures out it isn't the customers that are the problem, but the insiders. (Maybe I should start showing up at the movie companies wearing the pirate costume instead?)

    "Ar, there be pirates in the movie companies."


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    T Burnberg, Jul 14th, 2008 @ 3:54pm

    The Future Of Films


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    I would like to know if any Producer from Hollywood
    20th Century Fox Paramount Coloumbia Sony Tri Star will take that on.

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