Try, Try Again… In 3D

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One of the ancient computer books collecting dust on my shelves (yes, that I really need to get rid of) is a 1996 copy of a book on VRML. Every few years, it seems like the idea of 3D browsing makes a comeback… but only in the minds of those developing the tools for browsing the web in 3D. Beyond the early VRML hype, we were told in 2001 that 3D browsing was just around the corner, and companies like Intel and Macromedia wasted a ton of money and hype on this concept that went nowhere. In 2002 we were told again that 3D browsing would be huge, only to see it go nowhere. In 2003, HP was apparently thinking 3D web browsing was the next big thing, but we haven’t heard much out of them lately on that front. So, it’s been a few years, but the true believers are still claiming that we’re just around the corner from 3D browsing. This time, they claim that the technology is better and people have the bandwidth. What’s very unclear, however, is whether or not people really care.

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Comments on “Try, Try Again… In 3D”

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Freed says:

No Subject Given

Until someone comes up with a compelling interface that makes 3D browsing more useful and more efficient than 2D browsing, I don’t see it going anywhere.

That having been said, if someone invented a Quake-type 3D web interface that would let you use a grenade launcher to blow up spam and popups and you could watch them writhe in pain on the floor as the windows closed, I think I would like it.

– Freed

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