Adware Company Buys Sneaky Distributor… But Reasoning Is Questionable

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Many of the various adware companies that use sneaky install methods often hide behind the cover of their “affiliates.” They say that it’s really their affiliates who use a sneaky install process, and therefore, it’s not their fault at all — even though the adware companies often turn a blind eye on abuses. In the past few months, the various adware companies have all been claiming that they’re reforming their ways and are trying to stop dealing with these types of affiliates — which is the party line well known adware provider 180Solutions is using to explain their decision to buy up their largest distributor, whose reputation isn’t squeaky clean when it comes to sneaky installs. Of course, this doesn’t seem to make much sense. If 180Solutions is upset about CDT, why not just kick them out of the affiliate program? Why buy out the company and reward its owners for being sneaky and (supposedly) getting 180Solutions into all this trouble they don’t think they deserve?

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