Will .jobs Domain Yank The Business Model Out From Online Job Boards?

from the the-marketplace-is-changing dept

It already seems like the way ICANN is dribbling out new top level domains is somewhat pointless other than as a way to increase revenue for ICANN. We already were wondering what the possible reasoning was behind a .jobs TLD, as there was no indication anywhere that anyone was having any particular trouble finding where a company lists their job openings. Combined with some already questionable moves by ICANN in assigning who gets to control these new top level domain names, and the whole thing seems pretty sketchy. With today’s official approval of both .jobs and .travel, though, some are wondering if .jobs will end up causing problems for online job boards. With a designated area to post jobs on an individual site, it will be that much easier for someone to create a meta-search engine of job listings (some of which already exist), and companies won’t feel the need to post their jobs to the same sites as before. Of course, that’s only if the job boards view their main purpose to be hosting job listings. It’s not hard to see how they can (and should) offer much more beyond that in terms of helping people find the right job and manage their careers more effectively, while also helping companies target their open job leads more efficiently. As long as the job sites know how to do that, then the .jobs domain shouldn’t have much of an effect — other than making a bunch of companies feel they need to shell out for yet another domain that they probably don’t need.

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Comments on “Will .jobs Domain Yank The Business Model Out From Online Job Boards?”

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Ask Bj?rn Hansen (user link) says:


I run a small specialized job site and we’re getting more postings than ever. People post to reach an audience, not just to put the job online.
A metasearch engine will still have to crawl non-.jobs sites to be successful anyway (or so I’d think). In any case, there’s as much work in parsing and indexing the job descriptions etc than in finding them. The .jobs TLD as it is setup (only companies can get a domain and only with their name) seems pretty pointless.

– ask (maintainer of http://jobs.perl.org/ )

brent ashley (profile) says:

jobs tld

surely ICANN should know better than anyone that the heirarchy goes in the other frickin direction.

jobs.mycompany.com or http://www.mycompany.com/jobs is a much better use of DNS space than managing a whole new tld to support http://www.mycompany.jobs and doesn’t have the issue of policing cybersquatting on the entire new tld.

what the hell are they thinking?

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