How Not To Plea Bargain Your Way Out Of An eBay Scam

from the not-so-sharp dept

Assuming that you stole nearly half a million dollars from people using the typical eBay scam methods (i.e., selling products you didn’t own and buying products but never paying for them), and then mocked and insulted the victims of the scam when they accused you of scamming them, the fact that you were even offered a plea bargain as a way out seems way too nice. In fact, you would think that when more people came out to accuse you of scamming them after the plea bargain was set would make you shut up and take the punishment before things got worse. Apparently, one such scammer didn’t think that way. Not only did he fight the idea that he should have to pay back the money he stole, he then screwed up the plea bargain by throwing a pitcher of water across the courtroom at the prosecutor on the day he was supposed to be sentenced. No wonder the judge said: “In my view, you are likely to perpetrate when you come out of incarceration.” The only thing surprising is that the judge didn’t put him behind bars for even longer.

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