Connecticut Supreme Court Slams Rental Car GPS Spy

from the so-much-for-that-plan dept

Bob Dole writes A few years ago, it was the latest thing for rental car companies to use GPS to spy on their customers. Most of these outfits got the hint and quickly dropped the concept after a torrent of bad publicity. But just in case any company in Connecticut didn’t get the message, the a state Supreme Court just ruled that no matter how much notice you give, you can’t charge a customer $150 extra just because he was speeding. The state’s attorney general even said, “You cannot secretly track drivers’ speeds and gouge them under the guise of safety or vehicle expense” — guess Connecticut isn’t getting speed cameras any time soon. “

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Comments on “Connecticut Supreme Court Slams Rental Car GPS Spy”

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Bruce Elliott says:

CT is also the land of a "speeding tax"

I used to live in CT. Speeding in general there is apparently OK if you can pay the fines – you get no points on your license if you just pay the fine. You only get points for speeding if you dispute the fine and lose. I used to laughingly call it the “speeding tax” – if you had the cash, you could drive as fast as you wanted. Not sure if repeat offenders suffer any extra penalties – my experience is based on one ticket.

Ed Rendell bytes says:

Re: Pa Speeding fine menu's

Pennsylvania is the same way and even went so far as to post the fines years ago.
My Father just used to laugh and tell us kids that the rich could afford to drive as fast as they please and to hell with the poor dumb schmucks who couldn’t pay the fine.

The cops STILL will write you a ticket for “failure to obey posted traffic signals” when in reality it means “speeding” … this way you get NO POINTS.

I always thank the officer & put my check in the mail for 105.00.

That’s the deal folks, if you can afford the fee, you speed.

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