Fear Of An Open Wireless Network

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As mobile phones get more and more sophisticated for handling data, more people are waking up to reasons why the mobile data industry is still being held back, compared to the regular internet. Once again, it’s a story about control. The mobile carriers still think they can control everything — from the devices that people use to the applications, services and connections offered via those phones. The carriers will justify their position on each of these — but people already know what to expect in buying a regular computer and getting on the regular internet — and it doesn’t involve having to buy a specific computer that’s made to work with your ISP which has some special content and features, but which can’t do everything that someone else’s computer can. The computer/internet world works because it’s not controlled by one party — and the faster the carriers realize this, the faster they’ll get wireless data adoption.

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Comments on “Fear Of An Open Wireless Network”

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1 Comment
iksobert says:

You hit the nail on the head

i really have to agree with you on this one. i have been living in China for the past couple of years (and unknown to pretty much everyone in America, you can do a lot more here than there). Here, the carriers pretty much control nothing. i can buy any phone i want with any features i want. Then, i just go buy a SIM (i even get to choose my phone number). No contracts. No locks.

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