A Watch? How Last Millennium!

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Thanks to the growing popularity of mobile phones, more people are getting rid of their watches — realizing that it’s just as easy (and often, more accurate) to just look at their phone. It appears that this trend has watchmakers in full revolt mode, even to the point of suing a wireless carrier because its commercials depicted watches and clocks as being items worth discarding. It’s not clear what sort of leg they have to stand on, even in France. It’s a shame, really, because the watch often seems like a good form factor to be used for carrying additional (wearable) computing power on you. Already, my watch has an MP3 player in it, and I find that to be much more useful and easy to carry around than a full-fledged portable music device, since I don’t have to carry around an extra device. The smarter watchmakers are recognizing this and building in both additional smarts and connectivity into watches.

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Comments on “A Watch? How Last Millennium!”

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me (profile) says:

Watchmakers must join streetlamplighters local 990

1987 called, they want their wrist watch/calculators back.
Seriously though…I haven’t worn a watch in years. As I remember, the stupid things get hooked on EVERYTHING, are either too tight(sweaty) or too loose(keep fidgeting with/turning it), you get that nice anti-tan area on your wrist, not to mention loosing it, getting it wet/scratched, batteries,etc…
…and for what…THE TIME?!?!?
I’ve got a phone that does that…plus internet access, mp3 playing to my bluetooth headset,etc(motorola).
…or I could just look at the time on my laptop or PDA, or any number of clocks around…

Chomper says:

Re: Watchmakers must join streetlamplighters local

I find looking at my phone for the time is a pain in the ass, especially when it’s on my belt or in my pocket.

Also, I own a Casio G-Shock watch, takes a beating that my phone would need an act of God to survive.

There are still uses for watches.

me (profile) says:

Re: Re: Watchmakers must join streetlamplighters local

“…especially when it’s on my belt or in my pocket.”

lessie…the only difference in both actions is a grasping action. You have an opposible thumb, right? 😛

“I own a Casio G-Shock watch”

Watch name-dropping? 1988 called, they…oh nevermind…

“takes a beating that my phone would need an act of God to survive.”

Well, maybe if you wore your phone on your wrist, this would apply.

“There are still uses for watches.”

As a clothing accessory perhaps, like cufflinks…that’s about it

DV Henkel-Wallace says:

watch has some useful functions

I never wore a watch I could hack full time. Why bother — the screen always has a clock on it.

When a took a year off to boot around in the 3rd world — then I needed a watch.

Now I’m in management and set in meetings, I pull my watch off and stick it in front of me on the table. I can look at it while the meeting progresses. I can’t do that with my phone since the screen always blanks to save battery power.

My wife’s phone shows the time continuously on its external LCD, but it has a much narrower visible angle than my watch (which is confusing since they’re both lcd devices, but whatever).

I think fewer and fewer people need one….but then again I’ve never understood why an expensive watch is better than a quartz cheapie that keeps perfect time.

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