UK Workers May Be Liars, But US Workers Are Slackers — Says Microsoft

from the I'll-pit-my-slackers-against-your-liars-any-day... dept

Last week, Microsoft released a study talking about how British workers were liars. In their (apparently) ongoing quest to find out what’s wrong with workers around the world, this week they’re reporting that workers in the US are slackers — procrastinating away two days out of every five day workweek. Who knew? Apparently, I’m a slacker on my procrastination skills. I’m way behind the average. Time to do more procrastinating. Of course, this raises the inevitable question: who would you rather employ, the liars or the slackers?

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Comments on “UK Workers May Be Liars, But US Workers Are Slackers — Says Microsoft”

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correction says:

not us workers, all workers

The article says that the worldwide average is 17 hours wasted, but US workers claim only 16 hours wasted. That is better than the rest of the world.

How did you get that the article claims the US is slackers? To me it says that everyone is slackers, but the US is a slight bit less.

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