Phone Repairs In-Store

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Mobile phones break. That’s a fact of life. However, what happens once it breaks can be quite important to users. Some carriers simply replace phones. Others require you to send the phones in. Sprint is trying a new approach by outfitting many of their retail stores with full-blown repair shops to fix more complicated problems than the average retail worker can fix. The idea, of course, is to be able to quickly fix the phones without having to send it away or give up a brand new (or refurbished phone). While it may seem like an expensive proposition to install repair shops (and qualified employees) at so many stores, if it saves Sprint on having to give away new phones or (more importantly) by increasing customer loyalty, it could be worth it.

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Comments on “Phone Repairs In-Store”

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dorpus says:

Shutting up old people

How often have we had to convince our parents that an electronic gadget really can’t be repaired, and you aren’t “wasting” anything by buying a newer product? A “repair shop” should help shut them up.

An interesting trivia fact I learned today — when we are newborn, we are about 75% water by weight. By the time we die, we are about 60% water. We get dryer as we get older.

dorpus says:

Re: No Subject Given

Hehehe. When you’re old and needing repairs, maybe society will discard you, instead of offering any fixes. Maybe cell phones will run on water fuel cells by then — hell, maybe they’ll be genetically engineered, pulsing organisms that will eat fish food and need a drink from your water bottle.

Anyone try the new vacuum-dried fruits they sell at upscale grocery stores? They’re soft and puffy, unlike traditional dried fruits, but they sure as hell dehydrate you. I have to have a gallon of water with a serving of those things. Maybe when you die, they’ll dry you out in those things too, without having to do elaborate embalming.

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