Encrypting Traffic To Ensure Network Neutrality?

from the block-this! dept

With the first US telco accused of blocking VoIP now outed and shamed, some are pointing out that they’re not the only ones — and it’s likely that other carriers will give up on network neutrality in an attempt to either favor certain packets or degrade others. Glynn Taylor, from HotSpotVPN, claims that some telcos are still blocking VoIP (though, he doesn’t back up these claims with any sources or evidence) and offers up a convoluted way to use his company’s service to encrypt all VoIP traffic to avoid being blocked. Of course, this won’t do much good if ISPs just just favor their own packets rather than degrade someone else’s. However, it does raise the question as to whether or not the death of network neutrality will mean people look for more ways to cloak their packets to avoid having them stopped.

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