The Ongoing Qwest For MCI

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Apparently, Qwest isn’t done just yet. While MCI and Verizon have already agreed to merge at a lower offering than Qwest, Qwest says that this game isn’t over yet, and they’re planning to try again. They’ve sent a letter requesting details of the deal so they can improve on it further. They also showed the details of their own offer, to show that it actually does look to be pretty good… but, the rumor mill suggests one of MCI’s reasons for going with the cheaper Verizon bid is that enterprise customers are telling MCI they’ll ditch the company if Qwest wins. In the meantime, this ratcheting up of the price has some people wondering if Qwest knows something about MCI that the rest of us don’t, that would make it worth this much money. The answer, of course, might not be what Qwest knows about MCI, but what Qwest knows about Qwest, and where they’re likely to stand in the marketplace after all this merger mania settles down.

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