No Internet Access In Flight, But Here, Download A Movie

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While most airlines (especially in the US) aren’t about to offer internet access in the skies in the near future, they are working on alternatives — from digital satellite to downloadable music. Now, Southwest has done a deal with Movielink (described in a recent review with such descriptive phrases as: “little here to lure anybody,” “annoying to use,” “agonizingly slow,” and “pathetically thin selection.”) to let people download movies to their laptops to watch on the flight. Of course, they can’t download them while they’re on the plane, so you have to do it beforehand. In fact, you don’t even have to fly Southwest to take part. You just go to a special site at Southwest that’s run by Movielink. How is this different than someone simply going to Movielink and doing it on their own? Um… this offering has… a Southwest logo on it?

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Comments on “No Internet Access In Flight, But Here, Download A Movie”

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Beck says:

DVDs On Board

I have an idea. Why not have the flight attendants distribute DVD movies that you can watch on your laptop and then return when the flight is over?

They could come around like they used to do with magazines and offer you your choice of movies.

Distribution time is 15 seconds. How long does it take to download a full movie?

joe says:

Re: DVDs On Board

they would need a few hundred dvd movies to hand out – that takes space.
how would they charge for this ?
what prevents people from sharing the dvd with the person next to them without paying.
there could be a percentage that would somehow
get damaged during the flight and who would pay
for that ?

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