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Ban Blogs… For The Children

from the say-what?!? dept

Whoops. It seems like just about every new technology that comes along these days gets someone worked up about how it can be misused to put children at risk. The latest in a long line of random hysteria, apparently, are blogs. Yes, that’s right, those blogs you love (or hate) to read every day are actually a pedophile paradise — or so says some psychologist in Scotland who clearly feels her practice isn’t getting enough attention. Blogs shouldn’t worry too much, however. They’re in good company. Previously, 3G phones, chatrooms, and, yes, the entire internet itself have been blamed for pedophilia. While it is true that these things can be used by pedophiles, so are things like cars (they have to get there somehow), sneakers, telephones and air (gotta breathe somehow). Focusing on something completely random about how “blogs” are somehow part of the problem actually takes attention far far away from what really needs to be done to protect children, and somehow makes people focus on the blogs rather than the sick individuals, themselves.

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Comments on “Ban Blogs… For The Children”

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Paul says:

Keep the focus

While I agree that this article simple appears to be one person’s marketing effort, I do not agree that we should simply ignore the “tools” that pedophiles are using to “interact” directly with their victims.

Sneakers and air may be tools used by the pedophile, but they are not directly used by the person to interact with another person.

And you are right – blogs, chatrooms, etc. are not the evil part – the pedophiles are the evil ones. but we have to be aware how these types of people are using the tools and make sure parents understand so that they can be slightly more vigilent.

So your argument fell apart when you pulled in vehicles, sneakers and air. Your intentions are good, but went off the track there.

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