Korea Plans For Anywhere, Anyway Online Voting

from the no-more-absentees dept

While the US is still struggling to come up with a polling-place electronic voting machine that actually works properly (or, at least, that people can trust to work properly), South Korea is looking to offer digital voting to every citizen, whether done online with a desktop, a PDA or a mobile phone. Of course, there’s a big “if” in all of this. It will happen once the NEC (clarification: as is pointed out in the comments, NEC refers to the National Election Committee, and not the company NEC) has figured out a fool-proof way of making it secure. Since some people believe that no online voting system can be secure, this may put a hitch into the plans. Either way, South Korea is hoping that such a system will drive much more participation from voters outside the country, who can simply punch their votes into their phone and get on with their day.

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