Yet Another Spammer Sues An Anti-Spammer

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I just finished reading Brian McWilliams’ fascinating Spam Kings book, which follows a group of spammers and anti-spammers over a period of a few years. It’s incredibly revealing about the types of folks on both side of the equation, and shows some of the ongoing legal threats each side throws at each other. So, while it’s definitely not the first time this has happened, here’s yet another case where a spammer is suing an anti-spammer for daring to report him to the spammer’s ISP. So far, the various other attempts at suing anti-spammers hasn’t gone particularly well for spammers. I’d imagine this case will have similar results. Of course, if spammers really do believe there’s nothing wrong with disrupting your business by inundating your mail servers with spam — claiming it’s their right to do so, then why are they complaining when anti-spammers disrupt their businesses? The spammers seem to think that only they have the right to disrupt your daily activities.

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