How Much For That Domain Name In The Window?

from the you-cannot-be-serious dept

In what absolutely must be a publicity stunt, the owner of the domain somehow seems to think it can sell that domain for $1 million. This brings back memories of when was sold for $7.5 million in one of the more idiotic investments in dot com history. Very few domain names are worth that much money on their own (with a few porn related domains probably being the main exceptions), without a strong marketing effort, which would be true for any domain name that could be bought for just a few bucks. Of course, in this case, there isn’t actually a buyer yet. There’s just a company that either ridiculously overvalues its own domain name, or is hoping that this somehow acts as a marketing campaign on its own. If, in some amazing act of stupidity, someone actually pays this price for the domain, it would seem that Emily Turrettini, who runs the always interesting blog, might have a more profitable option to cash in on that site than just running more Google ads.

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