Phone-Based Video Projectors A Possibility

AT the CES show last week, Mitsubishi demonstrated a Palm-Sized video projector, powered by TI’s DLP technology. DLP differs from LCD in that it uses millions of tiny electronic mirrors to reflect or not reflect light from the bulb, building the image from the reflected light. But what makes this particular projector so special is size, and that it can even be powered by a battery. How do they do it? Instead of using conventional light bulbs, which throw off more heat than a toaster, and dedicate space and power to cooling fans, Mitsubishi has used LED lights from Lumileds, Inc. Modern LEDs burn cool and with little entropy (waste heat). In the past few years, LEDs have improved at an incredible pace, finding new roles in many industry and consumer goods. The quality of light has been a recent improvement, with greater control over color, along with increased brightness. Eventually, TI and Lumileds both say their solutions may appear in mobile phones. Imagine a phone or PDA that could throw a good 17inch display on any wall.

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