Trojan Exploits Windows DRM Loophole

from the well,-look-at-that... dept

Remember just a couple of weeks ago when we pointed out that there was a bit of a loophole in the way Microsoft DRM worked? At that time it was being exploited by various adware vendors (possibly at the request of the recording industry) on files being put up on file sharing networks. We expected that these would soon be replaced by much more malicious trojan horse files… and, it appears our one prediction for the new year came true pretty damn fast. It’s now being reported that a malicious trojan is spreading in exactly this manner. While some analysts shrug this off, saying that it only impacts those who are downloading files they don’t know about, isn’t a bit of a concern that Microsoft’s copy protection — which is supposed to be about “protecting” stuff, is actually making things much, much worse?

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