Identity Theft Insider Gets Fourteen Years In Jail

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It appears that a message is getting sent to those who are involved in technology related scams. There’s the spammer who got nine years, the WiFi wanna-be-credit-card-stealing hacker who also got nine years, and now we can add the insider who passed on a ton of information to an identity theft ring, who has now been sentenced to fourteen years in jail. While the article describes him as the “mastermind” of the plan, during his guilty plea a few months ago, his excuse was basically that he didn’t realize how much trouble he was causing for people. Hopefully, this will make some people think twice about stealing private info for identity theft purposes — but this whole matter still highlights how complicit various credit granting companies are in these scams. The whole reason this scam worked was that those companies have made it so easy, and still refuse to take the most basic steps to protect people’s financial well-being. This guy clearly deserves to go to jail for a long time, but the fact that no one is blaming the poor controls that created this problem in the first place is the real shame.

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