Solving Cyberbullying With An Expert And Some Spidey Sense?

from the um... dept

Somehow, you get the feeling this is going to end badly. Schools in Westchester County, NY have hired a self-described “cyberbullying expert” who will team up with (no, seriously) Spider Man to host a summit on cyberbullying. Apparently, even the “expert” says that kids won’t listen to her — but they will listen to some random guy wearing a Spiderman outfit. I had no idea that cyberbullies were so gullible. Also, I’m curious exactly how one becomes a cyberbullying expert? Either way, it seems likely that your average cyberbully is going to see through whoever dresses up like Spiderman and keep on cyberbullying — perhaps with renewed vigor, just to get on Spidey’s case.

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Comments on “Solving Cyberbullying With An Expert And Some Spidey Sense?”

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Parry Aftab says:

cyberbullying expert, how do you become one?

Well…since you asked…You become an expert in cyberbullying by being a lawyer specializing in Internet privacy and security, a columnist for, an author of several online safety books for parents and running the world’s largest online safety and help group, where thousands of people who have been victimized online come for help. 🙂


Anonymous Coward says:

Re: cyberbullying expert, how do you become one?

Wow, Parry, way to go. Sounds like you’ve really done something with your life. Your mother must be so proud that you’re out there doing some good and fighting such a noble cause. A lot of thin-skinned dinks out there who should’ve just made their online life a little more private can breathe easier. Maybe if they’re so sensitive to response they shouldn’t make their views/profiles available on forums where anyone in the world can respond and say whatever they’d like. Tool.

Viln (profile) says:

Re: cyberbullying expert, how do you become one?

The obvious desired result would be for said bullies to catch Spidey in the parking lot and berate him mercilessly for his morality-laden interpretive dance in unflattering spandex as he drives away to the Johnson backyard birthday party.

Said bullies should then be allowed to punch and kick Anonymous Cowards who fail to detect obvious sarcasm.

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