Apple Looking To Make iPods Droppable

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My IBM Thinkpad has a feature where it tries to recognize if the laptop is falling, and if it is, to protect the hard drive to (hopefully) prevent damage. It appears tha Apple has been working on a similar technology for the more-likely-to-be-dropped iPod. Apple apparently filed for a patent on the technology in June 2003. It’s unclear from the article if IBM filed for a similar patent, but if they had it’s likely they did so earlier, because the Thinkpads started including the feature in October of 2003.

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Comments on “Apple Looking To Make iPods Droppable”

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dorpus says:

Crumbproof keyboard?

They had a “flexible keyboard” that is easy to clean at CompUSA today, but the only problem was that you would need a slanted surface for it to rest on in order to type comfortably. The store didn’t have anything like that. Otherwise, crumbs will remain Keyboard Killers for the foreseeable future. I bought a so-called “spill-proof” keyboard today for $12, but it doesn’t look crumb-proof.

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