Does Technology Change How You Enjoy Sports?

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It’s no secret that fantasy sports really took off with the growth of the internet, by making it easier than ever for participants to keep up with various players, but now some people are worried that the growth of online fantasy sports offerings, along with other technologies are going to change the way fans enjoy sports — and whether it can be changed for the worse. Of course, the article doesn’t give any real examples of why this is “worse” other than that it would be different than the traditional way people enjoy sports. For example, some are afraid that fantasy sports leagues make fans less loyal to teams, but makes them more focused on individual players, and those who focus on marketing products based on team characteristics are afraid that might hurt sales. The article also looks at how technology is increasing the ways in which people can access and enjoy sports content, from controlling the angles at which you view events on the TV screen to getting up-to-the-minute sports updates on your mobile phone. Considering that the average obsessive sports fan can never seem to get enough data about what’s happening, it seems hard to understand how this could harm the sport at all.

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