Don't Get Lost In Times Of National Crisis

from the navigating-nowhere dept

Now that more and more people are coming to rely on GPS navigation systems (sometimes at their own peril), it sounds like people shouldn’t get to be too reliant on such systems during times of national crisis. The government is looking at how they can shut down the entire GPS system to prevent terrorists from using it, even if it will make your Hertz NeverLost quite lost. This isn’t all that surprising. It is a government system, after all, and they have tested jamming it in the past. However, it’s a worthwhile reminder for all those who are hoping to build increasingly complex systems based on GPS (especially within mobile phones) that the technology might not always be on.

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Comments on “Don't Get Lost In Times Of National Crisis”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

and u dont think there is a (secret) agreement to allow the usa to request scheulded maintenaince or otherwise be unavalaible when it suits them. nato still exits… while i aplaud the eu for creating their own system, recent copyright & dmca type laws show their “comradeship” with the usa or perhaps its a lawyer / lobbyist / vague corruption thing…

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

The article says it will require “extraordinary” circumstances. Since WAAS approaches were just approved, it is now legal for aircraft to make instrument approaches with only GPS and WAAS… so the circumstances will require grounding of aviation fleet in the affected area… we’ve only done that once: 9/11. There are still questions regarding whether or not we really needed to ground the entire US airspace. Given the previously unforseen mechanisim, the grounding is understandable. But next time? Which is worse?

Good that they are thinking these things through in advance. But really, “Hertz Neverlost” was the most impactful thing you could think of? If something happens that triggers this, automobile navigation is the least of our worries…

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