Copying Techdirt To Pitch… House Cleaning Services?

from the odd-indeed... dept

While most people have seen blog spam and search spam pages, I’m trying to figure out if someone is sort of trying to do a bit of both. Over the last week or so, it appears that someone (or, perhaps, multiple people) have opened up free blogs at places like Blogspot and MSN Spaces and are simply reposting random content from places including here at Techdirt — along with credit to those original sources. That’s not so strange by itself. There are lots of sites that repost content from here. What’s odd, is that the blogs are officially named things like “Homecleaning and more,” and each post after giving the source says “powered by” and names/links one or two web design or house cleaning services. I’m not linking to any of the sites, as I don’t see why they deserve the link love, but I’m a bit confused as to the purpose of the sites. I’m guessing that it’s some sort of method to raise the Google ranking of the sites that it’s “advertising” as powering the site. It seems like an awful lot of work to go through just to get a bit higher PageRank, and I doubt it works very well, but it’s still an interesting strategy. It’s amazing the ridiculous lengths some people will go through to try to game the system rather than, say, learning how to actually do a little real marketing to build a sustainable company based on (gasp!) satisfying customers needs. However, if it actually does turn out that Techdirt content is somehow useful in helping to promote house cleaning services, then, well… good luck with that business plan, whoever you are.

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Comments on “Copying Techdirt To Pitch… House Cleaning Services?”

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no-one says:

it can be worth it

yes it’s for google, yes that’s how it’s done; a link to a cleaning services company from a site that mentions “dirt” (content relevancy) increases your page rank. here is an example of the legitimate situation the fake blogs are trying to emulate: if a website selling auto detail supplies has many links from several different automotive forums, that detail supplier will be ranked higher in the search engines. if you sell stuff through an electronic shopping cart, being on the first page vs being on the second page can mean the difference between getting 40 orders per day vs 2 orders per month. allow me to do the math for you. if your average order is $40, this is the difference between $48,000/month vs $80/month. so, is it worth the trouble? it’s cheating/slimey, but it is worth it if you really need to get your online business to turn a profit in a hurry… perhaps these cleaning companies that you mentioned hired a seo consultant to get them ranked. they know all the “dirty” tricks 😉

henry (user link) says:

Re: it can be worth it

It sure is worth it,get your name out!enjoy the world of blogging. Whats wrong with pros getting involved in the blogging world? Blogging is not only for the 45 year old males that live with there moms and have no job! Its for all the world the regular guys and girls that own ther own company and want a free way to promote it. Give us a break,we work hard to promote a legit company!

Steve Mueller (user link) says:

Link Love

I’m not linking to any of the sites, as I don’t see why they deserve the link love[….]

I understand that, but you could have posted the URL perhaps sans anchor tags. That would at least give a head start to those of us interested in checking the links out.

If even naked URLs would be found by search engines, you could do what anti-spammers have done for years and mung the URLs (www dot techdirt dot com).

Mike (profile) says:

Re: Re: Link Love

You guys want me to do all the work for you? 🙂 With some clever blog searching, you should be able to find them yourselves…

There are a bunch of ’em, but here are just a few:

homecleaning dot blogspot dot com
bestblog4you dot blogspot dot com
spaces dot msn dot com slash members slash silverha
spaces dot msn dot com slash members slash webdesignawards

Amusingly, none of them seemed to reprint this particular article… 😉

jdizon (profile) says:

denver co maids

Finding house cleaning services in your area can be a daunting task. Find Maid Services makes the whole process easy. We not only provide you with house cleaning tips, but we have professional cleaners located in almost every part of the nation, you can rest assured that your house will be clean when you come home from work.

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