The Battle To Own The Internet

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While there had been a lot of talk in the last year or so about “Google vs. Microsoft,” much of that has been quiet lately, as both sides (and don’t forget Yahoo) figure out exactly what strategy to take. Charles Ferguson (author of the you-must-read-this-if-you-ever-start-a-company book High Stakes, No Prisoners) has written a long, but fascinating look at what he believes is the battle to control the internet: Microsoft vs. Google in terms of search architecture. His basic point is that the only way Google wins this battle, despite their leadership position right now, is to create open, but proprietary APIs into the Google search engine, basically becoming the locked-in platform on which web applications and services are all built. He’s worried that, so far, Google doesn’t appear to be heading in this direction, though he wonders if it’s just because they’re storing it up until they feel the battle should really begin, and not showing their hand too early.

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Comments on “The Battle To Own The Internet”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Google API

I hate it when people comment before reading the article, but I’ll point out that Google API at while still incomplete, and limited in it’s results, is the same sort of ‘stealth’ strategy that they’ve pursued with other features, meaning, test it quietly with those who are interested, then roll it out big.

I’d also point out Steve Balmer’s assertion that it’s all about ‘developers, developers, developers.’ Never more true.

Dang that’s funny.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Google API

m$ is a follower not an innovator. perhaps smartly they follow the 1st line of innovators and either steal or buy their ip/process/ideas. however both gates & ballmer are arseholes in the right place ala bin laden. all deserve a quick death …

despite all their billions, m$ will never produce a linux. it will always be techically 2nd rate, controlled by marketing retards.

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