Australian Police Allowed To Install Spyware On Your Computer

from the what-about-adware? dept

The latest, slightly bizarre, plan down in Australia is that police should have the right to install spyware and trojan horses on your computer — though many think that now that this is legal, most criminals who the police would use it on will simply increase their own computer security to make sure no spyware or trojans reside on their machines. So, for all the attention this is getting, it might not actually matter at all. However, if police want to take credit for teaching the criminal community the importance of better computer security, they should feel free.

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Comments on “Australian Police Allowed To Install Spyware On Your Computer”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Illegal? Let the government do it

I’m now convinced that anything immoral or illegal is slowly being approved for government use. If you give it another name and let the government do it, it’s all good. Gambling/lotteries, making money off smoking and drinking/sin taxes, murder/capital punishment. In the name of the social good, anything goes, even putting junk on your computer if we suspect you of something. Spyware/Surveillance Devices Act.

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