Ericsson Joins WiMAX Forum

In a move somewhat similar to Cisco’s, Ericsson has joined the WiMAX forum, and damned the standard with faint praise right as they announced their membership. Ericsson pointed out, as we have said for ages, that they see WiMAX more as a fixed play than a mobile play. (Of course, they have a bias because a mobile WiMAX would threaten their 3G business.) It could be that the forum membership of companies like Cisco and Ericsson are actually just strategies to “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. We’ve certainly seen a lot of examples where companies join forums to work against the technology the forum intends to promote. Ericsson is the biggest wireless infrastructure vendor worldwide, so now, expect the WiMAX forum marketers to spin the Ericsson membership as a grand step forward for the alliance. But is it?

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